Unlocking Inshorts’ Path to $100 Million Ad Revenue: A Case Study in Ad Monetization


Introduction: Inshorts Revolutionizing Ad Revenue

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, Inshorts, a prominent news media startup from India, stands as a beacon of innovation and success. With a strategic approach focused on user experience and engagement, Inshorts has managed to carve its niche and propel its ad revenue to staggering heights, aiming for $100 million. Let’s delve into the intricacies of their ad monetization strategy and how they’ve transformed challenges into opportunities.

The Rise of Inshorts: A Journey of Innovation

Inception and Growth

Established in 2013 with a modest Facebook page offering concise news updates in 60-word snippets, Inshorts quickly gained traction, amassing over 20,000 followers within a month. This initial success laid the foundation for its expansion, culminating in the launch of a dedicated app that garnered a million downloads within six months. By 2015, Inshorts soared to the pinnacle of success, ranking as the #1 app on PlayStore with 20 million downloads and an active user base of 8 million, predominantly aged between 18 to 35.

Transition to Ad Monetization

Despite its early triumphs, Inshorts refrained from integrating ads into its platform for the initial three years. Instead, the focus remained steadfast on enhancing user experience and engagement. This user-centric approach proved pivotal as Inshorts garnered organic downloads and emerged as a preferred news consumption platform in India.

ParticularsInshortsDaily HuntTimes Of India – Digital
App Download20M+150M+10M+ & Website visitors
Ad Formats
BannerRs 0.21 / ImpressionRs 0.08 / ImpressionRs 0.07 / Impression
Article Partnership5L / Day2L / Campaign1L / Day
Video AdRs 0.4 / ImpressionRs 0.15 / ImpressionRs 0.3 / View
Roadblock10L / Day6L / Day8L / Day
Engaging Magazine / Fact Cards20L / DayNANA
360 Degree Video Ads22L / DayRs 0.15 / ImpressionRs 0.3 / View

Inshorts’ Ad Monetization Strategy: A Paradigm Shift

Principles Driving Revenue

In 2016, Inshorts ventured into ad monetization, marking a significant milestone in its journey. However, the core principles remained unchanged: prioritize active and engaged users over ad revenue, maintain transparency with advertisers, and innovate relentlessly.

Innovative Ad Formats

Inshorts revolutionized ad formats, eschewing traditional banners in favor of native, engaging formats tailored to user preferences. From native 60-word ads seamlessly integrated into the news feed to captivating Fact Cards and Magazine Cards, each ad format prioritized user experience while delivering brand messages effectively.

Industry-specific Customization

Recognizing the diverse needs of advertisers, Inshorts tailored its offerings to cater to industry-specific requirements. By providing innovative solutions such as live market simulations for crypto platforms and localized targeting options, Inshorts expanded its clientele and bolstered revenue streams.

Sustaining Success and Future Prospects

User-Centric Approach

Central to Inshorts’ success is its unwavering commitment to understanding user behavior and preferences. By leveraging data analytics and user feedback, Inshorts ensures personalized ad experiences that resonate with its audience, fostering long-term engagement.

Expansion and Diversification

Looking ahead, Inshorts aims to consolidate its position by expanding its geographical reach, diversifying its language offerings, and broadening its client portfolio. Initiatives like the PUBLIC app, offering local updates in 15 languages, signify a strategic move towards catering to diverse audiences and driving sustainable growth.

Balancing Revenue and User Experience

As Inshorts explores avenues for revenue diversification, maintaining a delicate balance between monetization efforts and user experience remains paramount. While embracing conversion-focused models may unlock new revenue streams, preserving the integrity of the user experience is imperative to sustain long-term success.


Inshorts’ remarkable journey from a fledgling startup to a juggernaut in the digital advertising space underscores the power of innovation and user-centricity. By reimagining ad monetization through inventive formats, personalized experiences, and industry-specific solutions, Inshorts has not only achieved substantial revenue milestones but also set a precedent for sustainable growth in the competitive realm of digital media. As it continues to evolve and expand its horizons, Inshorts remains a shining example of ingenuity and success in the digital age.

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